Why can't my client pay the invoice?

Problem: Your client is trying to pay their invoice, but they are receiving an error/experiencing trouble.

Solution: Log into your Stripe Dashboard and review the payments section to check on the status of the attempted payment.

1. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/

2. Click 'Payments'

3. Viewing the payments, you’ll see all successful payments, as well as failed payments

4. Hover over the 'Failed' to see the reason for the decline.

5. Click here to view Stripe Decline Codes to learn more.

6. If the card was declined, have her/him try another payment method


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Special Note: While we can help you find the failed payment and reason for the decline, we are unable to help you with issues directly relating to your Stripe account. This is due to your standard account security. If you need assistance resolving a payment issue (such as bank transfers or updating your bank information) please contact Stripe directly: https://support.stripe.com/