Company Settings: Updating Account Settings & Defaults

While it's important for you to create your default settings when you became a Details Flowers customer, it's also just as important to update them as bloom costs change or as you find the need for different settings. 

Worried you'll impact events already in the system? Don't be! You're welcome to adjust any of your default settings at any time, including: 

  • Any item pricing, such as Blooms and Greenery.
  • Your Event Default Worksheet. 
  • The Financial Schedule

Any changes to the above will only reflect on new clients/events you add into the system moving forward! 

There is one exception to this: in anticipation of different pricing, you'll see the new estimated price on the Costs page for the event, but it will not change any recipe pricing!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12-48-41 PM