Client Information: Inputting Client and Contact Notes

Within the client portion of Details Flowers, there are two note boxes: Contact Notes and Client Notes, but what's the difference? 

Contact Notes

These notes are private and will not show up anywhere else in the software. It's a great place to notate those special notes (maybe about an overwhelming MIL or hot button topics you shouldn't bring know where we're going with this!)

To enter a Contact Note: 

  • Click the client's name on the Event List to be taken to the Contact Information page. 
  • Fill in your note on the right-side of the page & click Save Contact Info.

    Feature - Contact Notes-1

Client Notes

Besides the note box itself, these notes will also appear on the Event List, specifically when you hover over the client's name. Some suggested uses of this would be notating the designer, when the proposal was sent or expires, and even what is next on the to-do list for that client.  

To enter a Client Note: 

  • On the left-hand side of the Contact Details page, click Log, Notes, and Events. 
  • The Client Note box is located at the bottom of the page. Remember to save! 

    Feature - Client Notes