The Worksheet: Updating Item Costs

When you make changes to your Item costs in the 'Item Gallery', you may want to update your 'Worksheet' as well.

With prices changing on florals at increasingly regular intervals, you may need to go in and update the costs for your items in the 'Item Gallery.' You may want to update the costs on your 'Worksheet' to match in some cases.

When you come to a 'Worksheet' that includes items whose costs have been updated since you added them, you will see a symbol at the top of the 'Worksheet' next to the grand total. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 2.50.11 PMTo update your item costs, click on the symbol to reveal a selection box. The box will list any items with updated costs for you to select. You can choose individual items or click the 'Update' button to select all items, then click 'Update Worksheet' to complete the process. (18)-1