The Proposal: Using Proposal Tokens For Your Footer, Contact Info, or Page Number Footer

Embed personalization tokens to automatically populate your company info to your Proposals!

What are personalization tokens?

These are essentially placeholder bits of text that are used to map data from one location to another. They can be used to automatically insert your company name, address, city, zip code, and more to your Proposals without you having to manually type the variable information in each time!

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 2.15.55 PM

How do I use personalization tokens?

It's pretty easy! Below, you'll see a table outlining each of the tokens and their corresponding values available for the 'Proposal'. All you need to do is copy and paste (or type it in, if you'd like) the tokens into the contact info, footer, or page number lines to populate the information. 

Note: On your end, the tokens will always appear like {{client_name}} (or whatever token you used), but it will insert the corresponding information to the appropriate fields.

Here's the table containing all the available tokens. Feel free to copy and paste them into your 'Created Event Name' field for any of your forms to automatically populate the 'Event Name' field with information. 

Token Corresponding Value
{{company_address}} Company's address
{{company_city}} Company's City
{{company_city_state_zip}} Company's City, State, & Zip Code
{{company_email}} Company Email
{{company_name}} Company Name
{{company_phone}} Company's Phone Number
{{company_state}} Company's State
{{company_website}} Company's Website
{{company_zip}} Company's Zip Code
{{payable_to}} Payable Too Name
{{payment_address}} Payment Address
{{payment_city}} Payment City
{{payment_city_state_zip}} Payment City, State, & Zip Code
{{payment_state}} Payment To State
{{payment_zip}} Payment Zip Code


Think of something we may be missing here? Email our Support team at and let us know, we're happy to take another look at this and include additional tokens if necessary!