The Financials: Payment Receipts

Once your client has made their payment, you may want to send your client a receipt!

The good news is, if you are connected with Details Invoicing through Stripe, a receipt will automatically be sent to your client! If for any reason your client does not receive their receipt, you can always go into your Stripe Dashboard and send them a new one. Follow the steps below to send your client a new receipt:

  • In the 'Activity' section select 'Payments' from the available options
  • Locate the payment and click on the payment line
  • Locate the 'Receipt History' section
  • Click 'Send Receipt'

If you are not connected with our invoicing, you can always use the 'Summary' page of the 'Proposal' to show your client that the payment was logged. Below is an example of what this page will look like!

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 2.29.27 PM