The Color Selector: From Image

Easily select a color from an image using the 'From Image' tab!

Via the 'More' drop-down menu in the Color Selector, you can access the 'From Image' option! Using this tab will allow you to select a color directly from an image sent over by your client. Need to find that exact bridesmaids dress color? This is the tool for you! (16)-Oct-06-2023-05-29-05-9984-PMFollow these steps to select colors from an image:

  • Click the 'Choose Image' button to upload a photo from your computer or paste the URL to the photo into the 'From URL' field.
  • Drag the square-shaped selector around the uploaded image until you locate the desired color.
  • Colors on the left side of the panel are the most prominent colors from the image overall, colors next to the detailed preview (above the 'Choose Image' button) are the most prominent colors within the selected area.
  • Select the desired color and then refer to any of the available options to add or save.