The Worksheet: Recipe Stem Counts

When you're building a recipe, you're building using a full bunch in mind. Details Flowers Quick-Glance stem-counter is just what you need to stay on track!

To use the stem counter:

  • Go to your client Design Worksheet.
  • Click the 3 lines on the top of the Design Board and select 'Items Used'.
  • You'll see a generated list of each item used within your recipes.
  • The items will be color-coded to indicate how close you are to using full bunches:
    • Red: Total stem count is over 20% away from using a full bunch.
    • Grey: Total stem count is within 20% of using a full bunch.
    • Green: Total stem count is a full bunch. (42)

To adjust the stem counts to match full bunches, follow these steps:

  • Click the arrow to the left of the item name to see how many stems you are using and where.
  • Click the magnifying glass to be taken to the recipe (it will be placed at the top of the Design Worksheet).
  • Click the + or - sign to adjust the stems. You will be able to see the stem count move from red to grey, to green. (43)

Important Note: Sometimes, you may not want to sink in stems just to get to a full bunch, as this may compromise the integrity of the design. If you're far off, simply type in a custom price to ensure you're charging the customer for the product you must order!