The Worksheet: Recipe Description v. Recipe Notes

There are two fields on the recipes for you to insert information about your arrangement, but what's the difference?

Recipe Description

The description is meant for your clients to see and is displayed by default on proposals. Optionally, it can be hidden from the proposal, but it's a nice touch to include it!

Not sure what to write? Use the 'Copy Ingredient List' option to insert a list of your included blooms! (2)


💡 While the Recipe Description does not automatically show on the Recipe PDF located in the 'Documents' for your event, you can choose to show them by using the Recipe PDF Settings. Check out this article for more information!

Recipe Notes

These are meant for you! If you need to make notes about how the arrangement is designed, this is the spot to do it. These notes will be displayed with your recipe breakdowns on the Recipe PDF (found under the 'Documents' tab of your event).

The notes will also show up by default on the proposal; however, you can choose to hide them from your client.