Company Settings: Personalizing Contract Terms

Embed personalization tokens in your contract terms to always include specific details about each event!

What are personalization tokens?

Great question, we're glad you asked!

These are essentially placeholder bits of text that are used to map data into your contract terms. They can be used to automatically insert the varying event dates, client names, locations, or payment amounts into the contract terms for each respective event, without you having to manually type the variable information in each time!

How do I use personalization tokens?

It's pretty easy! Below, you'll see a table outlining each of the tokens and their corresponding values. All you need to do is copy and paste (or type it in, if you'd like) the tokens wherever you'd like them to appear in your contract terms, and then make sure you save!

Note: On your end, the tokens will always appear like {{client_name}} (or whatever token you used), but it will insert the corresponding information on the proposal. You can preview it in the proposal editor!

Here's the table containing all the available tokens! Knock yourself out!

Token Corresponding Value
{{client_name}} Primary contact's full name
{{client_phone}} Primary contact's phone number
{{client_email}} Primary contact's email address
{{event_name}} Event name
{{ceremony_location}} Event ceremony location
{{reception_location}} Reception location/primary location
{{grand_total}} Event grand total amount
{{retainer_amount}} First listed payment amount in schedule
{{retainer_due_date}} First listed payment's due date
{{final_payment_date}} Last listed payment's due date
{{event_date}} Event date
{{event_type}} Event type from Details page

Take a look at the image below for an example of what this might look like in your contract terms!

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.10.36 PM

Notice the spots where the tokens are being used? This is how you'll factor them into your own terms as well. Just copy and paste, or type the token in with the brackets, and then save your work!

If the property being used has no value (i.e. there's no address in the client email field), then the contract terms will display placeholder text like this: ***EMAIL ADDRESS***

Using Custom Properties

Any custom property in your account may also be used as a personalization token!

Not sure what the custom properties are or how to use them? Check out this Support Center article for the full breakdown: Using Custom Properties

The format for inserting custom properties into your terms is the same as the standard options, though you'll have to type them in yourself. You'll use the two brackets on either side and insert the property type in the middle, like so: {{custom_property}}

It is not required to use an underscore or hyphen between the words, and the letter casing is not important either. Enter the term however you want as long as it is spelled correctly and not named the same as another existing term.

Custom properties will not use placeholder text if they are left blank!


Think of something we may be missing here? Email our Support team at and let us know, we're happy to take another look at this and include additional tokens if necessary!