My Saved Recipes Are Not Showing In The Gallery

You have saved a recipe to the 'Recipe Gallery' from within an event but when you go to use that recipe again, it's not showing up!

Once you have created a recipe on the 'Worksheet' or in the 'Gallery', you will want to save it for future use. One of the options when saving a new recipe is if you would like to 'Show In Gallery'. So what does this do? 

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 1.33.15 PM

  • By selecting 'Show' from the drop-down menu, you are letting the system know that you would like this recipe to be visible in your 'Recipe Gallery' from any event.
  • If you select 'Hide' from the drop-down menu, this recipe will only show in the 'Recipe Gallery' within the event it was created.

If you are unable to locate a recipe, go to the event it was created and click into the 'Recipe Gallery'. Locate the recipe and make sure to set it to 'Show' under the 'Show In Gallery' section!