Mobile Functionality (Tablets & Mobile Devices)

Wondering what functionality is possible on a mobile device?

Many of our customers use a tablet to complete consultations. This allows you to be more mobile and provide your client with a more involved experience. Currently, you can complete most processes on a mobile device; however, we still strongly recommend completing most of your design work on a desktop or laptop computer.

Below, find a list of things you can do as well as a list of things you cannot do while using a mobile device.

You can:

  • Add a new client/event
  • Enter in all the client's details
  • Log any phone conversations/emails/notes
  • Fill out the Event Details page in its entirety
  • Add blooms to the Design Board (via the image or table view) This is fun to do with clients - just remember to turn on privacy mode so they don't see the cost information!!
  • Add recipe inspiration photos to the Design Board via the 'Add Recipe' button at the bottom of the worksheet (next to the save button)
  • Add recipe quantities and prices to your line items
  • Add photos, descriptions & notes to your line items (via clicking the '+' and adding a 'blank recipe')
  • Add ingredients (via the 'Add Ingredient' button)
  • Add worksheet sections at the bottom of the page where it says 'Drop Here'
  • Create a color palette using the 'Input Color', 'Recommendations' (if you have a color selected), and the 'Favorites' tabs
  • Proposal page - full capability
  • I could go on and on, but I'll stop here!

At this time, you cannot:

  • Drag the cursor on the 'Color Palette' or 'From Image' tabs in the Color Palette on the Worksheet
  • Drag and drop from the Design Board