The Worksheet: Marking Items or Lines as Non-taxable

If you're in a state that does not require you to charge your customer tax on certain items, follow the steps below.

If removing tax for a specific ingredient in a recipe:

  • First, ensure your recipe price is unlocked (the lock is not red). To change the tax on a recipe ingredient, the recipe price must be and stay unlocked!
  • Click the 'TP' and change it to 'NT' - this stands for non-taxable product.
  • To learn more about these items, check out this article: What is the difference between a TP, TS, TL, and NT? (3)-Oct-17-2023-03-12-51-3433-PM

If removing the tax from an entire line item:

  • This is helpful if the entire line item is a rental, for example, 'Vases.'
  • Lock in the price (if a recipe has been built) to change the line item from a 'TP' to an 'NT.'
  • If there is no recipe - just a qty, the price can be locked or unlocked. (4)-Oct-17-2023-03-15-46-1392-PM