Why can't I view the proposal? (error 404 Resource Not Found)

Problem: You’re getting this error when you or your client tries to view the proposal


Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 11.30.09 AM

Solution: You have an expiration date attached to your proposal, changed the link, or revoked access. To view your proposal, remove/change the expiration date or allow access.

Here’s how to delete an expiration date:

  • Go to the proposal page.
  • Under the proposal access section, click the trashcan next to the date in the 'Expiration Date' field

Alternatively, you can click inside the date box, extend the expiration to a future date, and click save.

If you have revoked access, simply click 'Allow Access'

Special Note: Expiration dates will hold on to all proposals, regardless of the last save and publish date.