The Proposal: Saving and Publishing

Once your proposal is ready to go, publish it for your client to see!

Instances where you should publish a new version:
  1. To create proposal access (Save and Publish for the first time).
  2. Each time you update/make changes on the worksheet that you would like your client to see.
  3. Log a payment on the financials page and want your client to see the updated payment amounts.
  4. Make any changes to the proposal template.

To create proposal access:

  • Once you've edited your template, it's time to 'Save and Publish'
  • Click the 'Save and Publish' button. This can take up to 30 seconds to generate the PDF.
  • Once the PDF generates, the page will reload and you will see your first PDF version and a link that is directed toward it.
  • As a best practice, we always recommend you click the 'View' button to view your contract before you email it to your client. When you do this, you see it just as your client will. It's a great way to find any things that might need adjusting before you send it off!
  • Lastly, copy and past the link into your own email client and send it to your client. (7)-3

Special Notes:

  • The link does not change each time you Save and Publish. It will only change if you click the "Create New Link" button.
  • When you Save and Publish, the link is automatically directed to the newest version.
  • Your client will not receive any notifications that a proposal has been published or that you Saved and Published a new version. This will all need to be completed via your email communication.