Company Settings: Financial Defaults

Your financials page is where you will set up your default payment schedules, tax settings, and payment settings. Once your defaults are set, it is automatic for each and every event! Make sure you save your settings!

In the article below, you will learn:

  • How to change your currency type.
  • Add a convenience fee percentage.
  • How to set up your default payment schedule.

Change your currency type:

  • From the currency menu, click the drop-down and select your currency. At this time, the available currencies are US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Jamaican Dollar, British Pound, and the Euro. We plan to add more in the future!
Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.19.40 PM

Add in your convenience fee:

  • Many Details customers opt to pass credit card processing fees along to the client. Enter your ideal convenience fee in the space provided to charge a convenience fee to a singular payment. Please check with your accountant if convenience fees are legal in your state.
  • This is not automatic! It must be activated. Once the credit card box is clicked on the specific event Payment page, it will add the percentage back to the outstanding balance.

Special Note: Easily charge a convenience fee right to the event total by placing it in the 'Admin Fee' box on the worksheet (easiest). Check out this article to learn more: How do I add a convenience fee to the event total? (Admin Fee)

Set up your default payment schedule:

  • Adjust the default schedule Details starts you out with by clicking 'Add New Default Payment' to add additional payment rows or clicking 'X' to remove any rows you don’t wish to use.
  • Adjust the rows to reflect how you would like to collect your payments. If using a flat dollar amount, select '$' under 'Type'
  • If using a percentage, select “%” under 'Type'
  • Type in the percentage or dollar amount.
  • Make sure that your percentages total 100% (See photos below)
  • Under the 'Due' column, type in the number of days before the event that the payment is due. If left blank, the payment is due now.
  • All percentages must equal 100%
Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 4.21.23 PM