The Costs Page: Projected Costs v. Actual Costs

Once the event has come and gone, it's time to compare your costs!

This is done on the Costs page of your event. Before we get started, it is important to note that your expected costs are based on the actual stem counts used for your recipes, so if you bumped up the price of an arrangement to cover your order (think actual stems/bunch), this number might not be 100% accurate, but it is still a great way to visualize what your actual spend was.

  • Head to the Costs page - remember, if you can't find it, turn off your Privacy Mode!
  • Fill in the table with what your actual order was, as well as the price you paid (double click for quick fill-in)
  • Once complete, you will see your actual spend on the event.
  • If you notice a large difference in stem cost (estimated versus actual), click the item and update the default stem cost. This cost will be used for all future events (it will not change prices in already created events).
Watch our short walkthrough video of the 'Costs' page in action below!