Account Information: Settings, Defaults, and Configuration

There are a few things you need to do before you add your first client. To keep it easy, we've constructed one article with everything we suggest you review!

First of all - welcome to the Details Flowers community!

We're going to start in the 'Company' section of the main menu, which is where most of your company settings and defaults are configured. This is important stuff, so make sure you review everything!

If you'd prefer to watch a video walkthrough of these steps: Details University 1

Here's what you will find in this article:

  • Inputting Company Information
  • Configuring Event Defaults.
  • Generating Contract Terms
  • Configuring Financial Settings
  • Using Details Invoicing with Stripe
  • Updating & Organizing the Resource Galleries
  • Using the Marketplace

Company Information

Fill out each section completely as your phone, email, and web address are showcased in the header of your proposals.

Event Defaults

This is one of the most important pages to visit before you add your first client. On this page, you will set your tax rates, markup, fees, and adjust the line items to your needs. You also can fill in your 'Estimated Price' for line items, which is incredibly handy for completing quick quotes. To make the best use of this page, we recommend you read the following articles:

Contract Terms

Whether you plan on using your own or working with some of ours, this is a page you will want to go through with a fine-tooth comb. Need some suggestions? We recommend joining our Facebook Community and reaching out to our florists. They have great ideas and are happy to share them with you! Click here to join Details Flowers Floral & Event Community.

Company Financials

From currency type to required payment schedule - this is a page you do not want to miss.

Details Invoicing

To connect with Detals' Invoicing, you will go to the 'Financials' page of the 'Company' section. From there, you will see an option to connect with Stripe. You can connect an existing account or create a brand-new one! 

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 2.01.47 PM


Once connected, you will also have the option to set up your 'Email Settings,' where you can choose what your emails sent to your client say when it is time for them to make a payment, and the thank you email sent after the payment has been made.

You will also see an 'Email List' area where you can see all of the emails sent across all of the events in your account and their associated tracking information. 

Update stem costs, add items, and more:

The stem costs in Details are based on years of historical data averaged out. Due to varying prices, we recommend that you take the time to review the costs and update them to reflect the common costs you see in your area. This will help ensure you're recipes are priced out as accurately as possible. You will also want to take some time in your galleries and update the other pre-loaded recipes & items. We recommend you review these articles:

Stock up on premium proposal templates:

Check out the Details Marketplace to find your perfect proposal template(s)! Your account already comes stocked with two (Blossom and Blooming), but you may find a different one that better suits your style. Once purchased, the template is available for the life of your account, and you are free to use it as often as you like. If you're an Annual or Enterprise subscriber, you should have received a Marketplace credit to purchase additional premium templates. (If not, please contact us via the support interface in Details!)

Special Note: Want to receive your own credit? Complete an online review on Capterra and/or G2 Crowd and get $50 towards your Details subscription for each posted review. Ensure you complete them with your first name and last initial so we know it was you (otherwise, reach out to us via the support interface and let us know you completed them).

Click here to complete a review on Capterra.

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Here's a sample of our premium templates by Holly Chapple: