Data Migration: Preparing to Import

Make sure you've checked off all these boxes before your data is imported!

The Company Settings

Make sure that you've thoroughly reviewed all setting under the Company section of the main menu. It's important that your tax rates, payment schedules, and fees are all set up properly before we import your data.

Check out this video for a walkthrough: Details University I

Worksheet Autosaving

Make sure this option in not enabled until after your data has been loaded and verified by you. If there is an issue, we don't want the system to automatically save anything!

Check out this Support Center article fo more information about using this feature: Worksheet Autosaving

The Other Platform

Make sure you're completely done working in your other system! 

If you export data to share with us for migration, and then you keep working in the other system, you may lose some work you've done in whatever platform or system that is!