Account Information: Enforcing Privacy Mode For Employees

Enforce Privacy Mode for the Employees within your account!

Owners and Managers of any Details account can hide costs for those marked as 'Employees' by enforcing Privacy Mode. That means they will not have access to any 'Costs' or 'Markup', will not see the 'Costs' page option in any event, and will not see any financial columns such as 'Outstanding Balance' or 'Pre-Tax Total' on the Event List. 

💡 Check out our full Support Article on Privacy Mode by clicking here!

Once an employee has accepted their invite, Owners and Managers can go to the 'Authorized Users' page and toggle Privacy Mode 'On' for that user. 


You can also automatically toggle Privacy Mode to 'On' for any employee you add into Details moving forward. In the upper right-hand corner of the Authorized Users page, you will now see a 'Menu' button. Once you click on the button, you will have the option to automatically enforce privacy mode for any new Employees added to your account. (7)-Dec-05-2022-04-13-53-2628-PM

Please be advised that this is not retroactive, so if you already have employees in your account, turning this automatic toggle on will not switch existing employees' Privacy Mode toggle to 'On.' You can, however, manually turn their toggles on in the 'Current Team Members' area.