Account Information: Authorized User Permissions

Let's take a look at what each of the three levels of user permissions have access to!

  • Owner: Can access everything in their Details account and has permission to edit anything. Owners can also enforce Privacy Mode for all Employees. 
  • Manager: Has access to everything in their Details account; however, cannot change 'Owner' to 'Manager' or 'Manager' to 'Owner. Managers can also enforce Privacy Mode for all Employees. 
  • Employee 
    • Cannot access events where the employee is not listed as a team member/team lead
    • Cannot access the 'Subscription' page for an account
    • Cannot access the Authorized Users page
    • Managers & Owners can enforce 'Privacy Mode' for employees, so, in that case, they may also not be able to view item & recipe costs, financial columns on the 'Event List,' or the 'Costs' page of any event. 
    On the pages Employees cannot access, if they attempt to do so, they will be automatically kicked back to the Event List page.