Zapier: Connecting your Details Flowers account to Zapier

Follow the steps below to authorize Zapier access to your Details Flowers account, so you can start connecting with thousands of apps!

  • Before you get started, make sure you've created your Zapier account! Once complete, continue with the steps below. 
  • Head to
  • In the search bar, type in Details Flowers

Click to 'Apps'

  • Click Details Flowers
  • In the new page that pops open, click the Start Using Details Flowers Now button

    Early Access
  • On the next page, click the orange Accept Invite & Build a Zap button.

    Accept & Build
  • Once complete, you're ready to start making Zaps! On the next page, click the Make a Zap button on the upper-right. 

    Make a Zap

    Still having trouble finding Details?

  • Try this direct link: Details Flowers Zapier Integration Invite
  • Below, find an example process of connecting your account (placing in your login credentials) to build your first zap. You can also connect hundreds of other apps from the My Apps page. 

    Zapier- Connect account

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